Resume 2

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Hannah Bock
2709 Bainbridge Ave, Burnaby, V6G 2G9

Marketing Management
, British Columbia Institute of Technology (2012-14)

  • Marketing Campaigns, Market Research, Working in teams, Business Communication, and Presentations
  • Class representative acting as the liaison between the faculty and classmates

General Arts, University of British Columbia (2008-09)

  • Essay writing, Media Studies including Adobe Photoshop

Thousand Islands Accommodation Partners, Gananoque, ON (Feb.2010-Mar.2011)

  • Created graphics using Photoshop
  • Maintained website using Drupal and created pages and calendars
  • Created online advertising campaigns using Google AdWords and Facebook Ads
  • Evaluated campaigns and produced detailed reports using Google Analytics

Sales Associate
Thistledown Cozies, Windham, NH, USA (Sept.2009-Nov.2009)

  • Performed cold calls and market research
  • Created a database using Excel

Tranquility Animal Services, Gananoque, O.N. Mar.2010-Aug.2011

  • Established animal massage company which entailed creating a full business plan, a website, a customer database, invoices, budgets, marketing campaigns and dealing with customer relations.
  • Marketing campaigns included online marketing (Google AdWords, Facebook ads, SEO and Google Analytics), sales promotions and direct marketing.

Professional Development
Certified HootSuite Professional: HootSuite

  • Completed the HootSuite course and acted as HootSuite Campus Ambassador.

Director of Think/Share: BCITMA

  • Event planning as director of a speaker series dedicated to educating students and networking with the city’s advertising and marketing industry.

Marketing Campaign: K9 Gentle Dental

  • Currently constructing a marketing campaign for a local company. Components include: market research, social media, contest, data collection, video production, and SEO.

Video Production: Bow Wow Haus & K9 Gentle Dental

  • Wrote, shot, and edited videos for local businesses. Used at trade shows and on YouTube. K9 Gentle Dental video on YouTube reached over 900 views.


  • Attended workshops hosted by BCITMA including LinkedIn with Matt Chong, HootSuite with Kristina Cisnero, and Social Media with Lawrence Kao.


  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Dreamweaver (HTML & CSS)
  • Excel
  • Access
  • PowerPoint
  • WordPress


  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • SEO


  • Canine Dental Technician, k9 Gentle Dental, Vancouver, B.C. (Jun.2013-Current)
  • Server, Jolly’s Indian Bistro, Vancouver, B.C. (Nov.2011-Sept.2012)
  • Sales Associate, Bow Wow Haus, Vancouver, B.C. (Nov.2011-Dec.2012)
  • Server, Wolfe Island Bakery, Kingston, O.N. (Jan.2011-Aug.2011)
  • Horse Stable Manager, CR Stables, Lansdowne, O.N. (Aug.2006-Aug.2008)


  • President’s Entrance Scholarship (UBC-2008)
  • TASK Student Council Scholarship (From GSS for UBC-2008)
  • Stephen Straker Arts One Bursary (UBC-2008)
  • Student Council President (GSS-07/08)


  • Lead female role in a high school musical production of Little Shop of Horrors
  • Performed vocals and guitar at several venues and festivals
  • Silver Medalist at the World Pond Curling Tournament, Gananoque, O.N. (2011)

References available upon request.